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"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minute" is a daily podcast discussing the Ninja Turtle film series. Hosts Scott, Chris, Adam and Rachel watch one minute of the film, and then discuss it for an entire episode!

This has led to some great observations, theories, and tangents that keep listeners tuning in day after day.

The crew records a week of episodes at a time, and often welcomes guest hosts from other popular podcasts and around the Turtles universe. 

In addition, TMNT Minute has also gotten the chance to interview several cast and crew members from the films such as :

  • Director Steve Barron (TMNT 1990)

  • MC Golden Voice of Partners in Kryme (TMNT 1990, "T-U-R-T-L-E Power" artist)

  • John DuPrez (Composer, TMNT I, II, III)

  • Francois Chau (Shredder, TMNT II)

  • Michelan Sisti (Michaelangelo suit-actor, TMNT I, II)

  • Robbie Rist (Michaelangelo voice-actor, TMNT I, II, III)

  • Kevin Eastman (Co-creator of TMNT)

  • Cameron "Kim" Dawson (Producer TMNT I, II, III)

  • Bobby Herbeck (Writer, TMNT 1990)

We also provide exclusive content to our Patreon Supporters on the Dueling Genre podcast network, such as commentary tracks, and non-movie related discussions. 

Additionally, Scott and Adam cohost a sporadic spin-off show about the TMNT Comics called "Back Issues" which is available on our main podcast feed for free.  We've been fortunate to have such great guests on as Ralph Attanasia (TV's "Cake Boss") , David Avallone and Taylor Esposito (Kevin Eastman's "Drawing Blood"), and Sophie Campbell (Artist/Writer, IDW"s "TMNT").

If you'd like to join in on the discussion, become a member of our Facebook Group, or follow us @TMNTMinute on Instagram or Twitter


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Scott Tofte

Scott is a musician, teacher, and podcaster. He's appeared on "Geek by Night" and also composes music for several other podcasts in addition to hosting "TMNT Minute."

Favorite Version: '87 toon, '90 movie. 

Favorite Turtle: Mikey

Favorite Pizza: Pepperoni

Coolest Collectible: Issue #1 signed by Peter Laird


Rachel Gatlin

Rachel is an email and web developer, podcaster, lover of all dogs, and is really good at Tetris. She has appeared on both iterations of “Geek by Night” as well as many other guest spots in the Dueling Genre family.


Favorite Version: 2012 Cartoon, ’90 movie


Favorite Turtle: Donatello


Favorite Pizza: Margherita


Coolest Collectible: 

Donatello Funk POP


Adam Sheehan

Adam is an artist, comedy writer, musician, podcaster and professional crash test dummy. He enjoys retro video games, record collecting, and being irresponsibly under-dressed.


Favorite version: IDW comics


Favorite Turtle: Michelangelo


Favorite Pizza: Flies/Stink Bugs


Coolest Collectible: Old Beebop figure whose one arm is actually from an old broken Metalhead figure (Robo-Beebop)

Photo Jul 22, 3 12 36 PM_edited.jpg

Chris O'Connor

Chris is a martial artist, photographer, podcaster, actor, and a lot of other things picked up in a life with a short attention span. He's the award winning voice of Gibson on Dueling Genre's audiodrama "Geek By Night", and the most annoying voice on a lot of other podcasts. ​


Favorite Version: '87 toon, '90 movie.


Favorite Turtle: Leonardo


Favorite Pizza: Supreme ​


Coolest Collectible: The friends he's made along the way.

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